Checking GoAir Flight Status and 2 of Its Brilliant Services

GoAir, one of the leading low-cost carriers (LCCs) in the country, has its main hub at the Chhatrapti Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai while its secondary hub is at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. With a fleet of 19 Airbus A320-200 aircraft model, it caters to 22 cities across India, with the number of its weekly flights being approximately 975. Travellers who are planning to fly with this LCC can make their flight booking with popular travel websites, which also offer various deals on bookings. On the day of departure, passengers can know the flight status by using the details mentioned on the booked ticket.

Checking Flight Status

There are three key elements using which passengers can know the real time status of any GoAir flight within a matter of seconds. These elements are flight date, flight number, and city of arrival or departure. By keying this information on the concerned website page or any of the flight status-apps available these days, the information can be known quickly. This helps to get news about any delays or cancellations, if there are any. However, an alternative to this is to call on the customer care numbers of the airline to find out GoAir flight status.

Pre-booked Seats

This LCC has quite a few interesting services for its passengers, one of which of course is the pre-book seat selection option. According to the rules of this service, passengers can choose whether they to avail an aisle seat or window seat or extra leg room during their journey. This selection can be made at the time of flight booking. The window or aisle seats can be booked for row 4 to 11 at a price of INR 300 per seat. While in case of extra leg room requirement, seats with extra leg room cost INR 600 per seat.  goair pnr status

Pre-booked Extra Baggage

There are times when the need to carry extra baggage becomes inevitable, but the rules set by carriers are something travellers need to adhere to. To solve this issue, this airline has on offer its pre-book extra baggage programme, under which travellers can take up to 15 kg extra besides the standard 15 kg. Extra means extra charges, and the airline has set a fixed fee for each kilogram. Up to 3 kg, the fee is INR 500; up to 5 kg, it is INR 750; up to 10 kg, it is INR 1500 and up to 15 kg, it is INR 2000.

With such brilliant passenger convenience programmes, the airline is able to sell a lot of flight tickets, quarter-on-quarter. Currently, this LCC in terms of market share in the domestic sector lies at the fifth position. It has completed 5 years of operations on domestic routes and is now planning to go operate internationally. However, for that it needs to complete one for more requisite set down by the civil aviation ministry of the Indian government, and that is a minimum of 20 aircraft in the fleet. With the delivery of 72 Airbus A320neos by April 2016, the airline is all set to meet this requisite.



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