Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing is a skilled job of working with tubes, pipes and fixtures. We rely on it for drinking water, showers, drainage, etc. The plumbing industry is an integral part of society, which helps in proper collection and transportation of wastes.

Tips to reduce the chance of a plumbing issue

Common plumbing problems in the winter can be ice cold showers, broken radiators, leakage, freezing pipes, flooding etc. We cannot escape from plumbing problems, but regular care and maintenance of the plumbing system can prevent and reduce some more severe problems. Many plumbing San Francisco service providers or any others in your area are available to assist you with your plumbing issues.

Below are a few tips to reduce the chances of burst pipes and subsequent house flooding. These are:

* Heat: Open the doors Seattle Plumbers to allow circulation of the air and heat up the entire area of the home.
* Pipe insulation: try to insulate the plumping pipes against freezing by using foam padding sleeves
* Running water: Turn on water from every valve in equal intervals

A poorly maintained plumbing system is more vulnerable to plumbing problems, but emergencies can still occur with a well maintained system.

Dealing with emergency plumbing problems

Maintenance is the first step to increase the life expectancy. It is important to have regular maintenance done on your plumbing system. This will reduce the chances of a big plumbing problem occurring, but sometimes they are inevitable. Before calling the plumber, there are some basic steps which can be followed during such emergencies.

* Handling Burst Pipes: The first and most important task is to stop the water from flowing beyond the leaking point. If the water is not in control then all the cold-water taps should be opened as early as possible to drain out the storage. It is important to note that hot water taps should not be turned on and any electric heater shouldn’t be turned on.

* Handling Frozen Pipes: While handling frozen pipes, turn off the main water supply by using the stop valve. This is usually located under the kitchen sink or outside the home. Check whether any pipes have split or not. If it is split then it becomes necessary to empty the storage cistern. Empty it by either flushing or by running only the cold water taps.

A problem can occur at any time of the day so it is necessary to keep the phone numbers of a plumbing service in a handy place. Ask about pricing before hiring them, as many emergency plumbers have high hourly rates.

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