Why It’s important to Ask for a Receipt

Sometimes we get so busy or preoccupied with important things that we tend to overlook the tiny ones that matter more. For instance, parking in a restricted area that cost you a day’s meal, failing to throw your trash in the bin that resulted you to a month-long community service, or just plainly forgetting to ask for your receipt that prompted you to be contented of a product that’s not so satisfying.File management system – Features and benefits | Canto

Receipts, what are they? Why CAS registration BIR are these little pieces of paper that has an ink erasable in a week’s time so valuable for consumers? Receipts are proof of purchases. It contains important information such as the establishment’s name and contact details, goods or services ordered, individual product price, and the total amount paid. It’s extremely important, both for the consumers, and for the government.

First, it is the sole proof of your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your product, say, a pair of pants that does not fit well on the person you just gave it to, you can use the receipt to change the item to your desired size or you can find another fabulous pair. Some establishments has limited number of days in which you’re allowed to return the item, and some has no restrictions at all. Just make sure to return the item in good condition.

Next, you can use it for warranty purposes. If you have used the product in a month’s time before it presented with a problem, then you can just show the receipt and avail of free repair services or change broken parts that are included in the warranty policy.

Third, it can be used to monitor your expenses. It’s important to know where your money goes, so that you can control your spending. Most of the paper receipts nowadays have inks that are easily wiped out so it’s important to always keep a copy of it immediately. You can photocopy it or keep an electronic duplicate by using a receipt scanner.

One of the things that ensures the registration of a business establishment is through its ability to issue an official receipt. To make sure that companies are declaring the correct amount of income and that they are paying the right amount of taxes, they are required to give an official receipt and the consumer has the right to always ask for one.

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